Striking Techniques: DVD 2: RMCAT

Striking Techniques: DVD 2: from Peyton Quinn at RMCAT.

This short dvd is not a full compilation of all the strikes from a particular style of martial arts like you may be used to. It is a concise list of the foremost weapons in the RMCAT arsenal that they have proven to be most effective from their life experience and in their armored assailant courses.

More than just an instruction about how to perform certain techniques, the first section is about fight strategy, including:

- getting off line
- learning to recognise the angle of attack
- learning how to keep distance to be safe yet cross distance to enter
- learning when to attack
- drills for mental preparation
- mirroring the attack

The How To’s:

Interspersed in this instructional material are examples of the technique being used (either correctly or incorrectly) in fights with the BulletMan:

- palm heel, chin jab
- forearm strike
- knee strike
- groin kick
- osoto geri, a judo throw
- escapes from the rear bear hug and the rear naked choke

Training Concepts:
All training is performed from the FAST concept that you must train into the adrenalized state and learn to manage the difficulties presented to you when your adrenaline dumps. All training is therefore slow with lengthened, exaggerated movements that will be more effective once in the context of the adrenaline dump. Actual fights with the armored assailants are shown and analysed. These are interspersed throughout the training clips and are the main focus of the last section.


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