Real Crimes, Real Criminals

Peyton writes about Real Crimes, Real Criminals:

RMCAT classes are reality based and to accomplish that we have interviewed convicts, killers and criminal assailants of most every kind. This video is a collection of some of those very interviews. In talking to violent, convicted felons we learn how they select their victims and very importantly why they will pass on a given individual as a potential victim if they spot certain behaviors in them.


People who attack other people are generally of three kinds; the insecure fool who must keep fighting to prove something impossible to himself, the crazy person who is just off the rails and so is completely unpredictable and the criminal (addict) with a criminal agenda.

This 55 minute video is about the criminal, and how you can avoid his agenda, and the insecure ego type who demands respect and will physically attack someone if he feels disrespected. It is compiled of interviews with those of a violent disposition about why they attacked others, and who they decided to attack.


If you have ever felt angry when someone crowded you or cut you off in traffie when there was no real danger, you were probably feeling disrespected. If you have ever got short with that person in the grocery store who hogs the center of the aisle and forces you to go at her (non-) pace, again you were probably feeling disrespected.

“Who the hell do they think they are?”

“What the hell gives them the right to…?”

While an angry person may go out of his way to cause a situation in which he can feel disrespected and therefore react to his idea of disrespect, a lot of the violence suffered by the careless is due to their careless treatment of others. In other non-pc words - It’s your own damn fault!

For many people who have little means of establishing respect in ordinary terms, doing it by physical violence can be very important to them, even knowing they may be causing themselves a great deal of trouble in the long run.

The answer of course is to be respectful…

Giving respect does not mean to cave in, or to be a wuss. It merely means that even when you must stand your ground, you do it politely. You do not act in an arrogant dismissive manner, not condescending nor paternalistic.

Robert A. Heinlein wrote that an armed society is a polite society. There are many among us who are willing to impart a lumpy lesson with their bare hands about the pains of disrespect. It demeans us as a culture that we can act disrespectfully because we know the likelihood of an armed response is small.


Whether you opeate a small store or wander in the dark in expensive clothes, if you come to the notice of an armed robber, he will interview you to see if you are safe to rob, since he does not want a fight, or to get hurt or arrested.


Peyton coined the term interview to describe how a criminal checks out a potential victims for success. And Mark MacYoung put flesh on these bones as he tends to do.

Mark writes:

There are five basic types of interviews. The one a criminal uses depends more on his personal style than anything else.

There is the Regular, Hot, Escalating, Silent, and Prolonged interview methods. To learn the details of this common criminal technqiue and how to fail the interview, read here: The Interview.

The violent armed robbers that Peyton recorded on this dvd tell of their thinking processes that gave them the green light to go ahead and rob the person or the store.

This gives us amazing insight into our self protection.

For muggings, house B&E’s or store robberies, 5 factors were identified as the warning signs that stalled a robbery in its tracks. As well, 6 non-interview factors were discussed as having a strong indication the robber should go somewhere else.

This dvd is like a map to the criminal’s soul, indicationg where the treasure is to be found and where the dragons lurk. Get the dvd, become a dragon.

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