HAPKIDO CANE: Big Stick Fighting from the Dojo to the Street by that force of nature, Alain Burrese.

Once again Alain has created a quality product out of the strongest interests of his life, self defence and Hapkido. It is a two dvd set running close to 3 hours (the box says approximately 150 minutes but that is short) for only $59.95, a very good price. He has made excellent use of slow motion and angle repetition to teach the techniques without the endless slow motion repetitions from 95 separate and distinct angles used by others to pad out their product. I currently own a dvd on knife work that the cover says to be 55 minutes long and is really 35 minutes long, for the same price. Ptoooooeeee!

The Meat:

10 separate blocks are covered, many with 2 or 3 variations, and an excellent use of side stepping and body dynamics for power.

13 different ways to smoke someone with a cane plus variations.

How to hook has half a dozen target variations and two combinations.

14 defences to clothing grabs are offered, and 7 responses to cane grabs, plus variations.

27 responses to a miscellany of bear hugs (front and back) head locks, rear chokes and fighting on the ground.

Then comes Defences against a Punch. The first defence has 7 variations and in all, Alain covers 20 defences

Kicking defences cover front snap kick, side kick and roundhouse with 8 responses.

Defending against a choke gets 4 choices with variations.

And then he finishes with a discussion of how to use other stick like objects such as short sticks and umbrellas.

I have known Alain for many years and so I know he is a true gentleman and a committed martial artist. I am not surprised he is putting so much into a dvd set for such a low price. His knowledge of Hapkido and the Hapkido cane syllabus is prodigious.

I think I know cane work because I teach it myself and have some 30 years experience in the martial arts but the volumes of experience Alain brings to his work amazes me. I guess we are competitors but in fact, I have no qualms about recommending his approach to anyone, though it is very different from my personal style.


While it is obvious to the trained eye that Alain has worked hard to make this expression of Hapkido practical, I believe that this dvd is more suited to someone who wants to learn Hapkido cane elements rather than a strict “wham bam” self defense methodology. And yet, it is much better than the other “cane as a weapon” dvds that are out there, that I have seen.

My limited point of view is self defence for seniors. I think some of the moves would be beyond a senior’s capabilities given their decrease in muscle mass and their unwillingness to practice. The majority of techniques, of course, are quite viable for the smaller or older student.

So if you are still young and looking for the edge in an sd situation, and want to learn some nasty Hapkido, this is an excellent investment in your future.

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