Escapes and Fighting From the Ground: DVD 3: RMCAT


DVD 3: Escapes and Fighting From the Ground by Peyton Quinn.

There are two approaches that are common assumptions about self defence curriculum. One is the martial arts approach which has style based curriculum and an attitude that for every attack, there is a best-response technique which demands a dedicated defence.

The other approach sees itself as more practical with a focus on only what has been proven to work in a real fight outside of a sporting arena. Practical experience, not martial arts style, is paramount.

Both these approaches come together in Peyton Quinn.  As a pioneer in adrenal stress scenario training, Peyton needs no introduction in the self defence milieu but for folks newly come to this arena, his credentials are awesome.

As the blurb says:

“Colorado’s Peyton Quinn is an author, a multi-art black belt and the founder of Rocky Mountain Combat Applications Training (RMCAT). He has become internationally renowned as a teacher of teachers for his unique self-defense program, which is based on adrenal stress conditioning and scenario-based training.”


In conjunction with his chief instructor of the RMCAT facility, Mr. Bill Kipp, (originator of the FAST program, model mugging Colorado etc), Peyton has put together various scenarios about how to fight from the ground. These are based on adrenal stress scenarios which start with the victim in a compromised position, from which they must escape.


These are few in number but reflect the practical approach that knowing a few things that cover most situations is a better approach to self defence than trying to memorise a large number of things useful for unlikely attacks. Bill instructs his students to look for opportunities to create success rather than to try to memorise a range of attack - response details.

Ground Scenarios include:
- you lying on your front, attacker sitting on your back

- you lying on your back, attacker sitting on your front

[Since, in their experience, escapes often get you into his guard position, some time is spent teaching how to deal with that.]

- being in a headlock with you on your knees
- being choked while on your back
- being punched while on your back
- rape defences

Standing Defences include:
- a punching attack from front after woof
- developing the perception of immanent attack and the angle of attack to be able to deal effectively with an attack
- defensive movement patterns: off line, mirroring, entering, etc
- a drill for cue awareness
- escaping wrist grabs: a cross grab, a grab with two hands
- escapee from a front choke,
- using your environment to your advantage

BONUS: Striking Techniques including:

- how to create power
- the shuto
- the palm heel
- the hand web
- the bottom fist

Rear Attack Defences including:
- use of air shield
- the elbow
- chaining various striking and kicking techniques in sequence

Clips of various fights with the BulletMan taken from FAST courses are sprinkled though out the dvd. These really get your blood pumping, re-enforcing the adrenal stress training concepts that you learn deepest and quickest while adrenalised, right while you watch it!

Sample Testimonials of the Armored Assailant Course  include:

MASTER ERNIE REYES: Bronze medal winner, TKD: "RMCAT will take you to the next level, it is shocking, real, and a must for serious martial arts training"

SHIDOSHI, STEPHEN HAYES: "This is what I thought Martial Arts would be like when I started training 35 years ago, all that stuff that’s happening on the inside."

YOAL BENUSH from Israel: “I am a certified Krav Maga instructor. This training method is amazing, and now that I have been trained at RMCAT to instruct by this method. I will take it back to Israel and I think it will be revolutionary!”

Now to end with a quote from the dvd:

Intensity and spirit are more important than complex techniques. Simple is best!



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