Tai Chi Ends Lower Back Pain

This method will take about a month or so…and this is not just for boomers or old folks, but you young people who "don’t wanna talk about it!" too.

I had chronic back pain for more years than I can remember. It was there every morning when I woke up and faded as the day went on. I also had a patch of scar tissue that gave me an ache in the top of my buttock since 1996 when I went airborne off my front steps from clear ice. That’s an ouch.

When I started to learn how to identify the muscles in the back as part of my studies of Chen Taiji: Hong’s Practical Method,  I first learned the wiggle exercise, then the stretches / release to the elbows then the extensions from the spine to the fingers through the shoulders. My teacher is Gord Muir of the Victoria Chen Academy.

While everything seemed the same for a couple of years, about two months after I started the last exercise, the extensions into the fingers, I realised that the lower back pain in the mornings had disappeared. Also, the chronic ache from theqigong for back exercises fall started fading until it too was gone. Woo hoo! Tai chi exercises ended my back pain by core strengthening and stretching my back. They are supported by the qigong exercises from Chen Taiji.

Do the core wiggle exercise each day for as long as you like. Do the tai chi back stretches every day at least once and do the back extensions every day, twice, once right after the other with only a short rest in between.

So, there you go. Give these tai chi back exercises a try and let us know here how it goes for you. Back in 6 weeks, eh?