The Fighting Cane: armed, elegant and invisible!

senior face smash with combat caneYour hometown may be a peaceful and beautiful place to live and to raise children, but if you travel, whether for business or retirement pleasure, some destinations you reach are not so hospitable. A stout cane may be the only weapon allowed as a carry-on on every aircraft since 9-11. That is because it serves a legitimate purpose other than self defense though it is very useful for that purpose.

Whether you prefer the elegant styling of a straightsenior bladder thrust with fighting cane walking stick or the more camouflaged curved fighting cane, you are better prepared to face antisocial encounters. I have visited court rooms and other high security areas and gone through many airports with my stick and never has it caused a problem. It really is the invisible weapon.

Another advantage of carrying a cane is that criminals size everyone up as a potential victim and when you carry a cane, you look armed and dangerous because they are thinking of such things. They will (maybe) find a less prepared victim. At the same time, to the general public you look totally normal and civilized, even elegant. If you have already trained in cane use and feel competent to defend yourself, this will show in your bearing and body language, which may deter a criminal attack.

But of course, if you never learn how to hit hard, nor develop your hitting power, if you never learn how to keep an aggressor from taking it away from you, your self defense capability is severely impaired.

                 combat cane - use of kick to face

Why wait until you need a cane as a mobility aid to start training in its use for self defense?

If you wait until you need a cane to learn its various uses and the self defense aspects, you may not be able to achieve your full potential of skill and will lose out on the many fitness benefits available to the practising student.

Any normally healthy 50+ year old can learn a system for self defense with the cane and get hours of relaxing exercise while learning a skill that will help with your peace of mind when out of your normal experience.

If you want just self defense, look for a teacher that has stripped the art out of the style. If you can’t learn the “how to” of a move in three tries, it is probably no good for self defense. If you can’t perfect it in ten practice tries, it is also probably too complicated to be practical.

If you want an extended exercise system with a lot of exercise and a life time of learning, consider taking a martial art that teaches cane work or even as an add-on to the cane work you have found.


Now, let’s look at three stills from Granny’s Fight movie:

combat cane - granny kicks butt

Look at her face which indicates her mind set. Look at her stance - she’s ready to rock and roll.


face punch with fighting cane by granny


She explodes!  Her weight is driving forward, a must to meet his rush.  A step into him might give her a bit more stability, but these three pics happened in less than one second, not much time to think or plan.

Her technique, a punch to the temple with the tip of the cane. Look at her determination.


cane fighting


And here, she has followed him after punching him, her cane over his arms, and she bar smashes into his chest and perhaps even his neck. Her feet look like she is still driving forward.

We could all hope to be this fierce when we are her age!